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Baccarat Game

The origin of the Italian word Baccarat which is translated "zero" in both French and English languages is an enigma. Baccarat is played since the beginning of casinos, being maybe the oldest game, even if the inventor is still unknown. Some say the inventor might have been Felix Falguierein, a gambler from Italy who played the game with Tarot cards.

The strange myth behind the game

There are a lot of baccrarat myths and legends. The game is based on a myth related to an Etruscian ritual in which a dice with nine sides was thrown by a virgin and the result decided her faith:

  • She would become a priestess if the dice showed eight or nine
  • If it showed six or seven it meant it was the last time she could roll the dices but she could live
  • A number below six meant loss of the game and she had to drown herself in the sea

Who used to play it and where

Before being played in casinos, Baccarat was a big French pride in the 1490s. Firstly illegal and played in secret, it became a game nobles played. It was later made legal, taxed and the money used to help the needy. It was outlawed again during Napoleon and Louis-Phillipe rule, but gained popularity later and was massively played in the newly built casinos.

Everybody in France started learning the rules but the Greek Syndicate a team led by Nico Zographos which appeared in the early 20th century wanted to become the most successful team of their time. By becoming masters in reading body language and counting cards they won more than five million dollars. In France and Spain people called it and still call it Chemin de Fer which means railroad.

While outlawed in France, the game was loved in England and became more popular when the partner of Queen`s Victoria child was known to have baccarat problems. It became known in all counties and people played it for fun or money and finally in the 20th became known in America. By using different methods like dress codes or luxurious settings the game was made attractive and soon became popular.

Then gamblers started distinguish different baccarat variants. A new way of playing called mini-baccarat was made known because it had the advantage of being played in the main area of the casino at a table similar to the ones used at blackjack. Despite its long and tumultuous history baccarat is one of the most popular games in present casinos. The way the game has evolved is easily noticeable especially as it is now played in the online medium.