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Baccarat Systems

How about some skepticism?

Baccarat systems are easy to find online, especially since the dawn of the internet. People should be more skeptic about these miraculous cures as most of them are nothing more than scams.

Have you ever thought about the purpose of the house edge? There is hardly anything you can do about the house edge. The same applies for the fact that the cards are totally random. It's high time for recreational gamblers to understand that baccarat game is all about luck and thus there is little a system can help.

Busting the myths

Most of the gamblers treat cards like some computers. Cards are rather like fish, it is known that fish have the worst possible memory; this is why they come back to the same angler after being released. Cards do not have any memory! For instance, some believe that their chances are higher right after the banker has won 5 hands in a row. This is just a myth. In reality, the chances of winning are the same, because the house edge is the same!

Possible bets

Baccarat offers 3 types of bets:


House edge

Bet on The Banker


Bet on The Player


Bet on the Tie


You must not be an expert to notice that the first two come with the lowest house edge in a casino. 1.01% means that a player will lose $1.01 after every $100, suppose he bets on the banker. This is a long term prediction.

Gambling is all about getting lucky at some point and this is just enough reason to play baccarat. If you are not sure yet, you may easily try free baccarat game. Luck as a criterion is indispensable, therefore you should think twice before buying expensive baccarat systems. Instead of investing money, players should focus on 3 figures: 1.01%, 1.29% and 15.75%. By doing this, you will come closer to deciphering ultimate baccarat systems.

Despite the fact that going with The Banker is the best shot one can get, nobody will manage to become an all time winner. If this wasn't as it is, casinos would no longer exist. Casino policy is all about minimizing the house edge, which in turn does not mean that players are predestined to lose.

There are no such things as gold mines, or how would you explain that somebody sells a fortune for an average price? Feel free to explore this site and discover more casino games. If anything, then this is the best training before venturing into a casino with a sole goal on your mind: having the best possible experience.