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Blackjack Games at Casino Las Vegas

Casino Las VegasBlackjack is one of the most common games in any casino, mostly because it gives players a slightly better chance of winning than the house. As such, people want to play blackjack games wherever they go, whether it's in a brick and mortar casino or in an online setting. That's where Casino Las Vegas comes in, offering a wide variety of blackjack for any player, regardless of his or her skill level. All you have to do is join to get access to games like:

21 Duel

Emphasizing the one on one elements of blackjack, 21 Duel is just you and the dealer going head to head for the money on the table. The winner takes it all, closest to 21 walks away from the match. Of course that's no reason not to play again and again, racking up your winnings with this unique, Old West themed card game.

Blackjack Live

There's something to be said for playing a real game in an actual casino. The environment, the people, watching what happens and who does what. Blackjack Live gives you all of the experience of being at a real table, without having to change out of your pajamas or leave the house. With a live dealer and a chat feed, you can be right there in the middle of the action, or you can just watch the game unfold and jump in when you've decided you want to be a little more active.


The classic name says it all. When you don't want any gimmicks or unusual options, you just want a classic hand of 21; this is the game for you. Just you and the dealer squaring off, seeing who can get closest to that magic number without going bust. Easy to learn, fun to play and your odds of coming out ahead are some of the best you can get.

Blackjack Surrender

One of the most unique blackjack options at Casino Las Vegas, Blackjack Surrender is perfect for players that know when they want out and they want to cut those losses before they really eat into their chips. This game offers players an easy out option where they can throw up their hands and scoot back from the table really quick in the event that making a clean escape is the best way to deal with a particularly bad losing streak. A unique game and not one found in many places, Casino Las Vegas prides itself on options.