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Equipment Used in Casino Games - Cards, Dices, Wheels

Casinos offer various games to customers such as poker, roulette, black jack, poker, slots and others. To play casino games, there are a number of equipments needed. These equipments should be properly calibrated or checked to ensure that they can be used in an ethical game. This means that they should not be tampered with in any way such as is the case with loaded dice. Each game has its own set of equipments for use when playing the game.


In bingo, some of the equipment used includes the bingo ball, bingo calling cards, bingo blower machines, bingo cage sets and bingo master boards among others. Of these bingo balls are most relevant. They are 75 and multi colored, and each of the balls has a number marked on it. Each ball is marked with a different number, but all the balls represent a sequence from 1 – 75.

Black Jack

When it comes to black jack, casinos invest in black jack card dealer shoes that can be found according to the cards capable of being dealt. For example, there are 4 deck black jack card dealer shoes and 6 deck black jack card dealer and 8 deck card dealer shoes. Other examples of equipment used in Casino black jack games include playing card shufflers, black jack tables, and black jack discard holders among others.


The game of craps requires crap layouts, crap strategy cards, crap dice cups with dice, crap dice stick, crap row chip trays, dice lammers, and numerical lammers among others. In a game of craps, the dice are quite significant as the wagers are made based on the outcome of the roll of a pair of dice.


In poker equipment used includes dealer shoes, card shufflers and playing card holders, playing card cases, cut cards and others. In poker, the cards are an essential part of the game because any loses or wins are determined by the combination and ranks of the cards of each player in the game.


For roulette, there are roulette wheels, roulette tables, roulette layouts, roulette value racks, roulette balls and others. The roulette wheel is important because bets are placed according to the numbers represented on the wheel. This is determined by spinning the roulette ball along the wheel, and the winner is determined by where the ball lands. They win if it corresponds to their wager and they lose if they bet on a different number.

In card games, there are other equipments needed apart from the cards being used. A good example of this is the card discard holder which is normally found on the right side of the card dealer. This is where the card dealer places the cards played and discarded from previous hands, to avoid reusing them.


In baccarat, some equipment required include the Baccarat tables, dealing shoes, discard cans, marker racks and others. This is another card game, and it is mainly based on card comparing. Other types of casino equipment include slot machines used in casino slot games, sports betting cards, wheels of chance and many more.