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Eye in the Sky - Protection Measure

Casinos always have the odds stacked against their patrons, but many of the patrons always try to pull the wool over the casino administrators, by using scams to gain an unfair advantage in casino games. So it goes without saying that many gaming establishments have a lot of security measures in place to counter act this kind of behavior. One of these popular security measures is the Eye in the Sky Protection Measure.

How they work

These surveillance cameras are also referred to as called Pan Tilt Zoom cameras. They are close circuit cameras covered by plastic globes that are positioned to access every part of the casino. The cameras are effective as due to the plastic covering, it’s hard for patrons to see which part of the casino they are focused on. There is a trick commonly used by some establishments where they install empty plastic globes in certain areas to trick patrons into thinking they are being watched constantly. However, the sensitive areas such as gambling tables and slots are always under surveillance to keep unscrupulous gamblers from using tricks to steal from the casino or steal from other patron.

These Eye in the sky surveillance cameras are normally installed in a series of interconnected gears and levers that equip them to function using two-axis rotation. They can be controlled by motion sensors or manually by operators in the surveillance room using remote controls or a combination of the two.

These cameras are used by the security staff, to keep an eye on every part of the casino, and on the patron’s betting and behavior patterns, as well. They look for any tell tale signs indicating cheating or plans to do so such as rubber necking. These cameras can even zoom in on the facial expressions of the patrons to help identify anything suspicious.

Using Eye in the sky surveillance with the TableEye21 system

Eye in the sky surveillance is used in conjunction with the TableEye21 system, a means of cataloguing and tracking black jack players as they gamble in the casino. The eye in the sky cameras are used to track everything such as the wagers placed by players, winning percentages and cards dealt and other variables involved in the game. Casinos already have projected performances of games and the data collected through this endeavor is matched against these projections. If a large discrepancy is identified, then the players and dealers involved are monitored closely to identify the culprits in case of a scam.

Using Eye in the Sky system with the SIN system

The Eye in the sky surveillance system is also used to monitor well known scammers or people suspected of participating in scams. They do this by using the Surveillance Information Network (SIN) system which is a networking tool created to link up many casinos and share notes on cheaters and scams identified in the different casinos.

Based on the information in the SIN system, any scam artist found cheating in one of the casinos that are part of this network will not be able to go to any of the other casinos without being spotted. The security staff is then put on high alert, to keep tabs on the individual, or if they are banned from gambling, they are politely escorted out of the establishment.

Eye in the sky protection measures are invaluable when it comes to protecting the integrity of casino games and keeping scam artists from cheating in casino games or from stealing from the casino patrons.